Blogging Our Grand Divide Our Racial Wealth Gap Is No Accident

Party platforms are dense and often morosely boring documents filled with wonkish policy proposals and partisan jeers at the other side. At over 40 pages, this year’s Democratic Party platform lives up to its predecessors in length and ennui. However, it also includes a section not yet seen in platforms from either side: an acknowledgement of the […]

Even Top Wage Earners Can’t Keep Pace With Soaring CEO Pay

Os now make almost 280 times what a typical American worker pulls in annually, according to a new report from the Economic Policy Institute (EPI). But it’s not just disgruntled workers with stagnant wages – the group that many say has found a voice in Donald Trump – who are being left in the financial […]

U.S. lags behind peer countries in mobility

The notion that anyone in America who is willing and able to “pull themselves up by their bootstraps” can achieve significant upward mobility is deeply embedded in U.S. society. Conventional wisdom holds that class barriers in the United States are the lowest among the world’s advanced economies. Motivating this belief is the notion that there […]