It’s Almost a New Year, but the Inequality Gap Keeps Widening

As 2017 approaches, a recent study indicates that the income gap in the US is growing. According to a December 22 CNNMoney article, The gap between the “haves” and “have nots” is widening, according to the latest data out this week. The rich are money-making machines. Today, the top mega wealthy — the top 1% […]

Distributional National Accounts: Methods and Estimates for the United States

We thank Tony Atkinson, Oded Galor, David Johnson, Arthur Kennickell, Jean-Laurent Rosenthal, John Sabelhaus, David Splinter, and numerous seminar and conference participants for helpful discussions and comments. Antoine Arnoud, Kaveh Danesh, Sam Karlin, Juliana Londono-Velez, Carl McPherson provided outstanding research assistance. We acknowledge financial support from the Center for Equitable Growth at UC Berkeley, the […]

Severe Inequality Is Incompatible With the American Dream

The numbers are sobering: People born in the 1940s had a 92 percent chance of earning more than their parents did at age 30. For people born in the 1980s, by contrast, the chances were just 50-50. The finding comes from a new paper out of The Equality of Opportunity Project, a joint research effort […]

‘Everybody outside of the top is suffering’: How stress is harming America’s health

The stresses of poverty in the United States have grown so intense that they are harming the health of lower-income Americans — even prematurely leading to their death. A report published Monday by the Hamilton Project at the Brookings Institution finds that stress levels have greatly increased for Americans at all income levels since the 1970s, but especially […]