The Hidden Hungry

It’s lunchtime, but Gale Hillyer’s refrigerator is almost empty. There’s a bottle of water. The carefully wrapped leftovers of yesterday’s meal. A handful of condiments. That’s it. Her sole source of income, a Social Security disability check, has yet to arrive. Until then, there is no money for groceries. Hillyer, 60, is among the “hidden […]

Welcome to the Claude Pepper Center!

Our Mission: The central mission of The Claude Pepper Center at FSU is to use information and data from multiple sources to help inform policy makers, researchers, teachers, the media and the general public about the health, long term care and income security challenges confronting the nation’s older citizens. Current Projects: In Development: Mental Health […]

A Community Built Around Older Adults Caring For Adoptive Families

Families who adopt foster kids need a lot of support. In Rantoul, Ill., families get help in a neighborhood called Hope Meadows from older adults who’ve moved there just for that purpose. The Gossett family has definitely benefited from this arrangement. Whitney Gossett adopted four siblings from foster care: brothers Patrick, 13, Andrew, 12, Jeremiah, […]

What Home Means to New York’s Oldest Old

At the Hebrew Home at Riverdale, in the Bronx, Helen Moses, 90, had news. “There’s not going to be a wedding,” she said. It was an afternoon in June, just one month since Ms. Moses had announced her plans to marry Howie Zeimer, the man down the hall. She spoke, as always, with absolute finality. […]