The Biggest Trojan Horse in the Republican Tax Plan

Several years ago, as President Barack Obama negotiated with Republicans over the budget, readers of liberal websites were subjected to ponderous explanations of “chained CPI,” a proposed alternative to the Consumer Price Index that would calculate inflation as growing more slowly. Pitched as a more accurate measurement of inflation, the chained CPI was really an […]

Social Security: Still the Most Efficient Way to Provide Retirement Income

Last week marked the 82nd anniversary of Franklin Roosevelt’s signing the bill that created Social Security. The program has stood the test of time well. It accounts for more than half of the income for 60 percent of senior households and more than 90 percent for almost one third. It has reduced poverty rates among the elderly […]

Middle-Class Americans’ Big Stake in Social Security

While Social Security provides a foundation of economic security for people at all income levels, new research from the Social Security Administration (SSA) illustrates its importance for those in the middle. Among beneficiaries over age 65: Social Security is the main source of retirement income — providing more than half of total income — for […]

Remember When Donald Trump Promised to Save Social Security?

Donald Trump’s self-proclaimed refusal to even contemplate cuts to Social Security during last year’s presidential race reeked of a con for a basic reason: It almost certainly was one. His statements were simultaneously strident, certain, and vague—all too reminiscent of Trump University’s get-rich-quick, positive-thinking vibe. “I am going to save Social Security without any cuts. […]