Social Security COLA Fails to Keep Pace With Costs of Being Older

Today’s announcement that there will be a tiny .3%  Social Security cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) increase next year means that 40 million seniors who rely on their Social Security to get by will once again find their expenses outpacing their Social Security benefit.  This continues the trend of historically low cost-of-living adjustments for seniors. Over the […]

Does Hillary Clinton Know About CBO and Vice Versa

The reason for asking is that the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has recently put out some very pessimistic projections for Social Security. These projections got some attention from the media because they were considerably more pessimistic than the projections from the Social Security Trustees, implying a somewhat larger gap between projected benefit payments and projected […]

How the Democratic and GOP Platforms Clash Over Social Security Reform

The new Democratic national platform approved this week in Philadelphia includes seismic changes in the Social Security programs. It includes a substantial increase in the average benefits to seniors while requiring wealthier Americans to pay a much larger share of the overall cost. The platform, heavily influenced by Sanders, who calls it the “most progressive” […]