Here’s a First Draft of the GOP’s Plan to Overhaul Social Security

A senior Republican House chairman has begun circulating a proposal that would make major cuts and changes to the Social Security system in the coming decades, a move to contravene in President-elect Donald Trump’s repeated vow to leave the retirement program for 61 million retirees and their families unscathed. The comprehensive proposal — already generating […]

Is the U.S. Retirement System Contributing to Rising Wealth Inequality?

Abstract Data from the Survey of Consumer Finances for 1989 through 2013 reveal five broad findings. First, overall retirement plan participation was stable or rising through 2007, though overall participation fell noticeably in the wake of the Great Recession and has remained lower. Second, cohort-based analysis of life-cycle trajectories shows that participation in retirement plans […]

The Impact of Public Investment in Social Care Services on Employment, Gender Equality, and Poverty: The Turkish Case

The social care service sector (i.e., care services for children, the elderly, the disabled, and the sick) remains an underdeveloped sector in Turkey. In terms of early childhood care and preschool education (ECCPE), an important subsector of social care, Turkey has the lowest rate of provisioning by a large margin among Organisation for Economic Co- […]