Runaway spending on the elderly shortchanges us all

Comes now economist Gary Burtless of the Brookings Institution, a Washington think tank, with another view of government spending on the elderly. People like me have complained for years that government is too generous, especially toward the affluent elderly. This largesse, we argue, shortchanges the young. Not so, says Burtless. The crucial question, says Burtless, […]

Being in Control of Your Retirement Plan Is a Bad Idea

It sounds great, to be in control of your retirement plan. To make the investments you want to make when you want to make them. To be in control of a plan that has the flexibility to meet your particular retirement needs. And Americans now have more choice than they’ve ever had with their retirement […]

Democrats Propose Social Security Change to Help Single Women

Congressional Democrats want to change Social Security to address problems faced by older single women, who are disproportionately impoverished in retirement. Under a proposal from Washington Sen. Patty Murray released Tuesday, unmarried, divorced and widowed Americans would get bigger Social Security checks, while those who were previously married would be able to access a percentage […]

A Tale of Two Retirements

This report, co-published by the Institute for Policy Studies and the Center for Effective Government, is the first to provide detailed statistics on the staggering gap between the retirement assets of Fortune 500 CEOs and the rest of America. Key findings: The Top 100 The company-sponsored retirement assets of just 100 CEOs add up to […]