A Trojan Horse In Clinton’s Pledge To “Enhance” Social Security?

Unless you listened carefully, you might have missed the expanse of daylight between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders when asked about their plans for Social Security at the CNN Democratic debate Tuesday. It’s a gap that is alarming people who are fighting to protect and strengthen Social Security – just as the program is getting […]

Social Security Benefits Eroded By Inadequate Inflation Adjustment

The Social Security Administration on Thursday will announce some news that will be distressing to more than one in four households: there will be no Social Security cost of living adjustment (“COLA”) for 2016. This is no small matter. The purpose of the annual adjustments is to ensure that Social Security’s benefits don’t lose value […]

Why It’s So Hard to Know How Much Retirement Savings Is Enough

Online financial-planning tools have a habit of spitting out terrifying numbers when people use them to figure out how much to save for retirement. Most tools, from the AARP’s to the Social Security Administration’s, yield similar answers when one enters spending estimates, expected salary increases, and assets: They tend to advise their users (most of […]

More Protection for a Nest Egg Has Some Brokers Upset

A DOZEN or so new victims file into Joseph Peiffer’s law offices each month. There was the 51-year-old woman who worked at BellSouth, he recounted, who was told to invest her retirementmoney into nontradable real estate securities. He has also worked with retirees who were advised to put theirI.R.A. savings into pricey variableannuities or other […]