New CRR Working Papers

The Center for Retirement Research has recently released five working papers: Mom and Dad We’re Broke, Can You Help?  A Comparative Study of Financial Transfers Within Families Before and After the Great Recession Mary K. Hamman, Daniela Hochfellner, and Pia HomrighausenRetirement Prospects for the Millennials: What is the Early Prognosis? Richard W. Johnson, Karen E. […]

Opinion: We can’t afford not to fix Social Security

Many Republicans think we cannot afford to maintain current Social Security benefits. In fact, it is more likely that we cannot afford to cut benefits. This program played an important role in reducing poverty among older households from about 36 percent in 1960 to the current level of about 10 percent. However, it was always intended […]

By Huge Margin, Americans More Likely to Back Candidates Who Want to Expand—Not Cut—Safety Net: Poll

In bad news for Republicans like House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) who have made gutting the safety net their central ambition for 2018, a poll (pdf) published on Friday found that Americans are overwhelmingly more likely to vote for a candidate who proposes expanding—not slashing—Social Security and Medicare and taking federal action to lower prescription drug prices. According […]