Most Americans Are Liberal, Even If They Don’t Know It

e are in the midst of what many pundits call the “Trump era,” but in fact most Americans neither like nor agree with President Trump, as Tuesday’s election results strongly suggest. Since June, Trump’s job approval ratings have hovered between 33 percent and 40 percent, according to the Gallup poll. This is lower than any other president’s […]

Democrats Cheer, but They May Have to Do Better in ’18

After a year of high-profile moral victories in special congressional elections, Democrats finally got actual victories on the board, and more. They won big in Virginia, took full control of state government in New Jersey and Washington State, prevailed on an important ballot measure in Maine, and generally posted strong results across the nation. Together, it was the clearest […]

Post-Election Research: Persuadable and Drop-off Voters

1. Focus Groups GSG and GHY conducted two focus groups in Oak Creek, Wisconsin on January 26th, two in Southfield, Michigan on January 28th, and two in Tampa, Florida on January 29th, 2017. In each set of groups, one group was conducted with Obama-Trump voters and one with turnout targets (millennials in WI & FL […]

Why Trump Won: Working-Class Whites

Donald J. Trump won the presidency by riding an enormous wave of support among white working-class voters. It was always a possibility, but it had always looked unlikely. Hillary Clinton led in nearly every national poll — and in other surveys in the states worth the requisite 270 electoral votes. The traditional view of recent […]