Mental Health Care Slips through the Cracks in Florida’s Budget

When Florida lawmakers approved a last-minute budget in special session earlier this year, $20.4 million in federal funding for mental health services expired with no plans to make up for it. Now, mental health and substance abuse facilities across the state are looking at slashing services—sometimes in half—because of the surprise de-funding. Salus Care in Fort Myers is […]

Faulty assumptions linking mental illness to violence is the wrong approach

Sadly, what has become an all-too-familiar heartbreaking tragedy has occurred yet again: another mass shooting. As the details unfold hour-by-hour in the small Texas town of Sutherland Springs and throughout the country, a prejudicial narrative has once again made its way into the conversation before all the facts are revealed: that mental illness was involved. […]

Our Approach to Mental Health Isn’t Working

Eleanor Longden was a university student when she first started hearing voices. After she was given a diagnosis of schizophrenia, a doctor told her she’d be better off with cancer instead, because it was easier to cure. Longden’s experience of being “diagnosed, drugged, and discarded” by the health care system is not unusual. But her […]

Why We Ended Long-Term Solitary Confinement in Colorado

COLORADO SPRINGS — For years, the Colorado corrections system had a ready answer for inmates it wanted to punish. For almost any reason — smuggling drugs, talking back to a corrections officer, assaulting another prisoner — it would send an inmate to a cell the size of a parking spot. The inmate would stay there, […]