Stopping the Stigma and Silence

Below is a collection of articles regarding the stigma and silence of mental illness: When Depression and Dementia Collide – People with dementia often experience depression, anxiety and paranoia. Glenn Close’s New Role: Destigmatizing Mental Illness – The acclaimed actress is opening up about her family in order to help others 6 Little-Known Signs of Depression in Older Adults – Two […]

The Effect of Medicaid on Management of Depression: Evidence From the Oregon Health Insurance Experiment

Abstract Policy Points: We take advantage of Oregon’s Medicaid lottery to gauge the causal effects of Medicaid coverage on mental health care, how effectively it addresses unmet needs, and how those effects differ for those with and without a history of depression. Medicaid coverage reduced the prevalence of undiagnosed depression by almost 50% and untreated […]

A Tale of Two Diseases: Mental Illness and HIV/AIDS

In 2011, I was speaking at an international AIDS conference where the first two speakers were from UNAIDS and Harvard. UNAIDS announced a new campaign: Getting to Zero: Zero New HIV Infections, Zero AIDS‐Related Deaths, and Zero Discrimination. (A year later, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called for an AIDS‐Free Generation.) The Harvard researcher reported the […]

Psych drug research is stuck. Here’s how to unstick it

BEFORE HE ALLEGEDLY used a kitchen knife to slash Deane Kenny Stryker to death at the Winchester Library, Jeffrey Yao racked up a long record of terror. Neighbors reported property damage and violent behavior, and police took him to Winchester Hospital five times between 2013 and 2017, according to the Globe. And if it weren’t already clear that the […]