Prioritizing these three things will improve your life — and maybe even save it

VANCOUVER — Want to live longer, enjoy life more and actually find that elusive happiness? Among the dozens of big ideas shared this week at the international TED conference — from a robot that could outperform students on college exams to an ultraviolet light that could kill superbugs — were some simpler, almost obvious, life improvements […]

Gaetz: Why can’t Grandma make it on $35 a month?

She was resplendent in purple, from her shoes to her dress to her scarf to the purple feathers on her purple hat. Lucy Kennedy had planned for days what she would wear when the “two important men” came to the nursing home. What she would say to them she had known for months. After the […]

The Cost Can Be Debated, but Meals on Wheels Gets Results

Meals on Wheels has been delivering food to older people in the United States since the 1950s. Last year it served 2.4 million people. This week, after President Trump released his budget proposal, a furor erupted over the program’s future and effectiveness. Let’s look at the evidence. Mr. Trump’s budget proposes big cuts to discretionary […]