Eden Comes to The Claude Pepper Center

The Claude Pepper Center with support of the Claude Pepper Institute hosted a Certified Eden at Home training last week.  The three-day training was led by Mel Coppola, the only Certified Eden Alternative Educator in Florida.  Among attendees were a former Director of the Pepper Institute on Aging and Dean of the College of Social […]


Older Americans often end up needing daily care and support over many months and years. Right now, many seniors are forced to enter nursing homes paid through Medicaid. But the cost of institutional care is very high – unaffordable over the long run for the federal government, the states, and families. What is more, many […]

Home Health Care: Shouldn’t It Be Work Worth Doing? 157

Do you know who is going to care for you when you are old and frail? By current standards, it’s likely to be a middle-aged immigrant woman, with maybe a high school education and little if any training, making $20,000 a year. And that’s if you are lucky. If you live in rural America, you […]

One Woman’s Slide From Middle Class to Medicaid

DEDHAM, Mass. — A dozen or so years into retirement, Rita Sherman had plenty going for her financially. Recently widowed, she had a net worth of roughly $600,000 as of 1998. Her health was excellent, and she dutifully purchased a long-term care insurance policy that would cover three years of nursing home costs should she ever need help. […]