Governor, lawmakers responsible for Florida’s health care mess

As Gov. Rick Scott and the Florida Legislature look to pin down responsibility for the state’s rising health care costs for the poor and uninsured, they should look in the mirror. It’s not the hospitals, which are their favorite target. It’s the Medicaid managed care system they created that is costing money rather than saving […]

Florida says privatizing Medicaid cut costs, but insurers say they’re underpaid by state

In less than a year, Florida’s switch to privately managed healthcare for more than 3 million poor, disabled and elderly residents has achieved one of its primary goals: cutting costs for Medicaid, the public health insurance program for low-income people that accounted for roughly one-fifth or about $9.5 billion of state spending last year. But […]

Editorial: Hold line on privatized Medicaid costs

Florida’s statewide privatization of Medicaid has barely reached its first anniversary and already the rate-setting bait and switch has shifted into high gear. Private managed care companies that now control health care for 3.5 million Floridians have asked for a 12 percent payment increase for the 2015-16 fiscal year, which would more than wipe out […]

Medicaid Shift Fuels Rush for Profitable Clients

When Hurricane Sandy flooded two adult homes in Queens, hundreds of disabled, elderly or mentally ill residents were caught in the surge. After weeks in public shelters, they were bused, over their objections, to a dilapidated four-story building called King’s Hotel, in a crime-ridden section of Brooklyn. Many had not showered in days. Crammed three […]