Mangling North Carolina’s model Medicaid system

North Carolina’s Medicaid reform proposal ignores some highly pertinent facts and is not in the best interest of our state. The plan as presented to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services seeks approval for dividing the state into three regions, with each having a for-profit managed care organization to compete with local provider-led entities. […]

Twenty-First Century Medicaid: The Final Managed Care Rule

With enrollment reaching 74 percent of all beneficiaries, it is clear that managed care has become the standard organizing mechanism for a Medicaid program whose welfare roots are behind it and that now functions as a principal source of public insurance. Given this broad national policy direction, a strong yet flexible regulatory framework for Medicaid […]

Long Term Care in the U.S.: From Community to Corporate Control

Long term care for impaired younger and older adults has been a major part of the nation’s health care system for several decades, but until now it has not received much attention from the media or policymakers. With the projected doubling of the 70+ population over the next thirty years, however, it is being looked […]

Medicaid Privatization in Iowa and the Market State

I hadn’t written on health care for awhile, but sadly, whenever I put on my yellow waders and dig in, I keep coming up with stuff that’s so nasty it’s hard to stop. This post was inspired a link that a reader from Iowa, incited by a previous post on ObamaCare’s crapification, threw over the […]