Long Term Care in the U.S.: From Community to Corporate Control

Long term care for impaired younger and older adults has been a major part of the nation’s health care system for several decades, but until now it has not received much attention from the media or policymakers. With the projected doubling of the 70+ population over the next thirty years, however, it is being looked […]

Medicaid Privatization in Iowa and the Market State

I hadn’t written on health care for awhile, but sadly, whenever I put on my yellow waders and dig in, I keep coming up with stuff that’s so nasty it’s hard to stop. This post was inspired a link that a reader from Iowa, incited by a previous post on ObamaCare’s crapification, threw over the […]

Georgetown Report on Florida’s Long Term Care Medicaid Waiver

Florida’s 2011 Managed Care Legislation, HB 7107, established “Medicaid Managed Care,” a new statewide managed care program for all covered services. The program is expected to control Medicaid program costs by using a capitated rather than fee-for-service payment model. Two separate components are anticipated for  the new program: the Florida Long-Term Care Managed Care program, slated […]

Leadership Council of Aging Organizations Letter to CMS

We, the undersigned members of the nonpartisan Leadership Council of Aging Organizations (LCAO), write to express our concerns regarding Florida’s 1915(b) and 1915(c) waiver request that would create a mandatory program for the delivery of long-term services and supports in Medicaid through private proprietary health plans. The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) submitted this request to you […]