EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This study tests the hypothesis that delivery of Medicare-funded and Medicaidfunded services to dually eligible beneficiaries aged 65 and older via fully integrated managed care plans is associated with stronger community-based service utilization patterns compared to service delivery when Medicare- and Medicaid-funded services are delivered independently. The hope is that integrated Medicare-Medicaid managed […]

Future of Medicaid managed care still uncertain

If the GOP’s American Health Care Act had passed, the federal match for $550 billion of Medicaid would have ended by moving to per-beneficiary spending limits. That would have eventually curbed around $880 billion in Medicaid reimbursements, according to the Congressional Budget Office, a number that caused stress for long-term care providers reliant on the […]

Plan would move Medicaid long-term care into managed care

Michigan is slowly moving forward on a plan to place its $2.8 billion Medicaid nursing home and long-term care services programs under the management of private health plans, Crain’s has learned. The Medicaid managed long-term care proposal is similar to controversial 2016 budget language that would move the $2.7 billion quasi-public behavioral health system under health plan […]