Home Care Workers Can Finally Claim Victory

The Supreme Court ensured that millions of working people would get fairer treatment when it decided last week not to consider Home Care Association of America v. Weil. That case was the last attempt by home care employers (mostly for-profit agencies) to avoid paying home care workers (mainly women of color) the minimum wage and […]

 Home-Care Workers Are Now Protected by Minimum-Wage Laws

A day in the life of a home health-care worker is rough, but intensely intimate: from dawn to dusk, helping seniors take their pills, feeding the wheelchair-bound, occasionally serving as mental-health counselor, physical therapist, or first responder to people with disabilities. Their daily grind occurs far outside the world of politics most days, but home-care […]

Home Care Workers Could Soon See a Major Raise In Their Wages

Two million American workers take care of other people with infirmities—frailties of old age, disabilities from injury or illness and other limitations that decades ago might have put them in an institution. But now many more of them are likely to be tended at home, and home care givers make up one of the fastest […]

Court Ruling Allows Home Care Workers to Receive Minimum Wage, Overtime

The D.C. Court of Appeals has upheld the U.S. Labor Department’s Home Care Final Rule, which prohibits home care agencies and other third party employers from claiming companionship or live-in worker exemptions. The Labor Department also redefined “companionship services” and narrowed the duties covered by that term, leading to more domestic service workers protected by […]