The Time Has Come to Address Sky-High Drug Prices

In any given month, about half of all Americans—and 90 percent of seniors—take a prescription drug. These medications help millions of patients fight illnesses and recover from injuries; they also shorten the duration of common illnesses, alleviate pain, and treat life-threatening illnesses. Simply put, prescription drugs save lives and can prevent costlier, more invasive treatments. Yet not all drugs offer […]

An Aging Population, Without the Doctors to Match

WE talk a lot these days about what constitutes a good way to die. There’s also much discussion about the art of healthy aging. But largely absent from the conversation are all the people between the two. People who aren’t dying but who grow more frail. People who have significant health concerns. People who suddenly […]

Use Medicare’s Muscle to Lower Drug Prices

A poll last month by Consumer Reports found that a third of the patients who take prescription drugs are paying significantly more this year, forcing many to cut back on other necessities or load up on credit card debt. Another poll in August by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that about a quarter of those […]

Four Ways Obamacare Has Affected Health Insurance

The employer health insurance market still looks strong. Enrollment numbers from the federal government have told us that millions of Americans signed up for private health insurance in the new Obamacare marketplaces. But some skeptics had worried that those sign-ups weren’t uninsured people, but instead previously insured people whose employers had stopped offering coverage once […]