As Costs Mount, States Warily Eye Changes to Medicaid in GOP Health Plan

Medicaid, the program providing health care to 72 million low-income and disabled people, consumed 29 percent of all state general fund dollars in 2016. That constituted the second largest share of the pie behind elementary, secondary and higher education. A new survey by the National Association of State Budget Officers issued Thursday found that while Medicaid spending […]

The Affordable Care Act, Medicare Costs, and Retirement Security

The brief’s key findings are: The 2010 Affordable Care Act (ACA) included roughly 165 provisions to improve Medicare’s finances. The Medicare Trustees Report, which reflects the ACA provisions, shows dramatically lower cost projections for Medicare in the future. The Medicare actuaries also produce alternative projections assuming that the legislated restraints on growth in payments to health providers are […]

Disabled, or just desperate?

BEAVERTON, ALA. The lobby at the pain-management clinic had become crowded with patients, so relatives had gone outside to their trucks to wait, and here, too, sat Desmond Spencer, smoking a 9 a.m. cigarette and watching the door. He tried stretching out his right leg, knowing these waits can take hours, and winced. He couldn’t sit […]