How Congress could fix a Social Security glitch

THERE WAS practically no inflation over the past year, which means that 60 million people living on Social Security won’t be getting an annual inflation adustment in their benefits. You’d think that’s a good-news story, or at least a neutral one — what’s not to like about older Americans essentially holding steady economically? Alas, due to […]

The Unlucky Millions Paying More for Medicare

A quirk in the laws governing Medicare and Social Security will expose millions of Americans to a staggering 50 percent increase in their premiums for the part of Medicare that covers doctors’ bills, known as Medicare Part B. It is imperative that Congress pass legislation to protect low- and middle-income people who cannot pay that […]

Health Costs and the Excise Tax

Containing rising health care costs is a key policy challenge. As health care costs outpace overall economic growth, they threaten to increase public spending and depress households’ income growth. Yet efforts to contain these costs should follow the hallowed dictum to “first, do no harm.” Trying to restrain health costs by shifting more of them […]

Florida CHAIN Weighs in on Federal Medicaid Regulations

Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) are health plans that attempt to control the cost and quality of care by coordinating medical and other health-related services. State Medicaid plans began to contract with independent MCOs in the 1980s as a strategy to control and predict their Medicaid expenditures. The number of Medicaid beneficiaries that receive their health care […]