Republicans have a clear plan to cut Medicare — but they may not go through with it

Republicans have long supported a massive overhaul of Medicare, the health entitlement program for seniors, one that they argue will make the entitlement program more sustainable — but also would have seniors spend significantly more out of pocket. Now, the party’s control of Washington opens the door to making that policy vision a reality. Republicans […]

Older patients tend to fare better with female doctors, study shows

A new study could add to the argument over equal pay in the ranks of medicine: Older patients treated by female doctors tend to do better than those treated by males. Public health researchers at Harvard found that elderly patients were less likely to die or be readmitted to the hospital within 30 days if treated by female doctors rather […]

A ‘Full Repeal’ of Obamacare Could Spur Medicare’s Bankruptcy

Congressional Republicans have come under growing pressure to preserve key elements of the Affordable Care Act as they move towards action in early January on special budget legislation to repeal President Obama’s signature health insurance law. President-elect Donald Trump, for instance, has said he favors preserving two highly popular measures. One would allow parents to […]

Democrats relish battle with GOP over Medicare

WASHINGTON — Within days of Donald Trump’s election, left-leaning donors were asking Erica Payne: What’s the plan for Granny? You may remember Granny from a viral television ad in 2011, attacking Wisconsin Republican Paul Ryan’s plan to partially privatize Medicare: a dark-suited man dumping an elderly woman, pink slippers and all, off the edge of […]