Disabled, or just desperate?

BEAVERTON, ALA. The lobby at the pain-management clinic had become crowded with patients, so relatives had gone outside to their trucks to wait, and here, too, sat Desmond Spencer, smoking a 9 a.m. cigarette and watching the door. He tried stretching out his right leg, knowing these waits can take hours, and winced. He couldn’t sit […]

How to Save Obamacare From Trump

This past weekend, liberals across the country celebrated the demise of the American Health Care Act as a triumph of Obamacare over the reactionary forces determined to tear it down, and rightly so. The Republican Party’s failure to repeal the Affordable Care Act outright is not just a huge relief to those who believe in […]

The Health-Care Bill Embraces the GOP’s Scariest State-Level Experiments

n June 2015, I wrote about RaDonna Kuelkelhan, a 59-year-old woman from southeast Kansas who was fighting to get health care. A treatment for larynx cancer caused a series of collateral problems that made it hard for RaDonna to eat. Her doctor was unable to treat the problem aggressively because she had no insurance, so […]

With Medicaid Costs Soaring, Republicans Plan Dramatic Eligibility Changes

It’s hard to predict precisely how the puzzle pieces will eventually fall. Yet Republicans made it clear last week that – one way or another – the 52-year-old Medicaid program for the poor and disabled is headed for significant changes in the coming year. Although President Trump promised during the campaign that he would protect […]