We must take steps to gain control over how we die

FELICE J. FREYER’S article “Wish to die at home often goes unmet” (Page A1, Nov. 3), describing how many Massachusetts citizens end up dying in the hospital, points out the troubling disconnect between how people wish to live their last days and how they actually do. When surveyed, 70 percent of Americans, including doctors and […]

End-of-Life Care Needs an Overhaul

By the end of the first term of the next person elected President in 2016, there will be about 13 million more people over age 65 in the United States than when President Obama was last elected in 2012. In their lives,70 percent of people over 65 will require long-term care—the range of services, both […]

A Tender Hand In The Presence Of Death

Heather Meyerend is a hospice nurse who works in several neighborhoods in South Brooklyn—Sheepshead Bay, Mill Basin, Marine Park, Bensonhurst, Bay Ridge. She usually has between sixteen and twenty patients, and visits each at home once a week, sometimes more. Some patients die within days of her meeting them, but others she gets to know […]