G.O.P. Bill Could Affect Employer Health Coverage, Too

If it becomes law, the American Health Care Act will have the biggest effects on people who buy their own insurance or get coverage through Medicaid. But it also means changes for the far larger employer health system. About half of all Americans get health coverage through work. The bill would make it easier for employers […]

On Health and Welfare, Moral Arguments Can Outweigh Economics

When Representative Mo Brooks said it was unfair that healthy “people who lead good lives” should have to subsidize the insurance of unhealthier ones who presumably don’t, he bluntly raised an often unspoken question that runs through policy debates in Washington: Who deserves government aid and who does not? Such proposals can be — and often are […]

The House Health Care Disaster Is Really About Taxes

I have been a critic of Obamacare since it became law, but the Republican alternative is worse in nearly every way. The American Health Care Act, which was narrowly passed in the House last week, would worsen Obamacare’s problems rather than fix them. Coverage would be disrupted for millions almost immediately, according to a Congressional Budget Office analysis of […]