The History of ObamaCare, 2013-2016

In my previous post on the public option, readers commented that they liked having the history of the so-called “public option” consolidated all in one place, so they could refer to it, and refer others to it. I’m guessing that after Labor Day, ObamaCare will become more prominent in the narrative; this year’s “open enrollment” […]

Crapifying Medicare with the New MACRA Program

Single payer advocates tend to frame the obvious sanity and humanity of their policy proposal as “Medicare for All,” which would be great if “Medicare” meant Canadian Medicare, and not American Medicare, which is suffering from a tenacious neoliberal infestatation and hence, as readers periodically point out to to us, is becoming increasingly crapified. (There’s […]

Hikes In Employees’ Health Premiums To Outpace Raises Again

Large employers expect health costs to continue rising by about 6 percent in 2017, a moderate increase compared with historical trends that nevertheless far outpaces growth in the economy, two new surveys show. “These cost increases, while stable, are both unsustainable and unacceptable,” said Brian Marcotte, CEO of the National Business Group on Health, a […]