How High-Need Patients Experience the Health Care System in Nine Countries

A large portion of U.S. health care spending goes to the care of high-need patients. These individuals—people with clinically complex conditions, cognitive or physical limitations, or behavioral health problems—use a disproportionate amount of health care services and therefore represent an outsized percentage of costs. Five percent of the U.S. adult population accounts for 50 percent […]

How Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Can Unite on Health Care

In ably explaining why all the passion that drove the public option campaign back in 2009 completely disappeared after Obamacare passed and hasn’t reemerged in this primary, the liberal writer Digby has opened the door further to a possible resolution to the fight Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are waging over single payer. “The public […]

The Value of Medicaid

Medicaid is the largest means-tested program in the U.S., with expenditures of over $425 billion in 2011. The Oregon Health Insurance Experiment, a recent expansion of the Medicaid program in that state that occurred by random assignment, has provided some of the most compelling evidence to date on the program’s effects. A series of previous […]

ObamaCare’s Neoliberal Intellectual Foundations Continue to Crumble

ObamaCare is, of course, a neoliberal “market-based” “solution.” ObamaCare’s intellectual foundations were expressed most clearly in layperson’s language by none other than the greatest orator of our time, Obama, himself (2013): If you don’t have health insurance, then starting on October 1st, private plans will actually compete for your business, and you’ll be able to […]