Texas’ Other Death Penalty

The first patient who called me “doctor”died a few winters ago. I met him at the St. Vincent’s Student-Run Free Clinic on Galveston Island. I was a first-year medical student then, and the disease in his body baffled me. His belly was swollen, his eyes were yellow and his blood tests were all awry. It […]

CMS Will Let States Cut Medicaid for People Who Can’t Work

For the first time, states will be able to require work or work-related activities as a condition of Medicaid eligibility, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Administrator Seema Verma recently announced. Verma’s announcement followed a CMS change to the criteria for approving state Medicaid demonstration projects, known as waivers: they’ll no longer have to increase and strengthen […]

What States Can Learn From One Another on Health Care

We know that where you live matters: There are huge disparities in health and costs across the country. The uninsured rate in Texas is six times higher than in Massachusetts. You’re four times more likely to be readmitted to the hospital in Maryland or New Jersey than in Hawaii. One-third of low-income adults in Texas forgo medical […]

Older Americans Were Sicker And Faced More Financial Barriers To Health Care Than Counterparts In Other Countries

Health care systems across highincome countries share the challenge of an aging population with unprecedented levels of chronic illness.1 Often these older adults are living with frailty, advanced illness, or diminished ability to manage the basic activities of daily living, such as preparing meals, bathing, or managing one’s medications. Across countries, health care spending is […]