Why trying to help poor countries might actually hurt them

It sounds kind of crazy to say that foreign aid often hurts, rather than helps, poor people in poor countries. Yet that is what Angus Deaton, the newestwinner of the Nobel Prize in economics, has argued. Deaton, an economist at Princeton University who studied poverty in India and South Africa and spent decades working at […]

The U.S. Government Engagement in Global Health: A Primer

Attention to global health by governments, policymakers, media, business leaders, and other institutions has increased markedly in recent decades. Since 2000, donor funding to address health challenges in low- and middle-income countries has grown substantially, new institutions and global goals have been established, and a burgeoning community of stakeholders has emerged around global health. The […]

Turning U.N. Development Goals Into Reality

The Sustainable Development Goals are indeed ambitious, as they go beyond Band-Aid solutions to eradicate — not just reduce — extreme poverty and hunger. But turning the goals into reality requires a fundamental change of approach on how resources are shared, in good economic times and bad. By next year, the wealth of the richest […]