Europe’s morality crisis: Euthanizing the mentally ill

Once prohibited — indeed, unthinkable — the euthanasia of people with mental illnesses or cognitive disorders, including dementia, is now a common occurrence in Belgium and the Netherlands. This profoundly troubling fact of modern European life is confirmed by the latest biennial report from Belgium’s Federal Commission on the Control and Evaluation of Euthanasia, presented […]

Evaluation of Music and Memory Program

The Music and Memory (M&M) program has been increasingly adopted in nursing homes across the U.S. to support persons with dementia. M&M uses personalized music playlists delivered on digital music players set up and maintained by care staff trained in the program (Music and Memory, 2013). The underlying premise of M&M is that these musical […]

Marital Quality and Cognitive Limitations in Late Life

Abstract Objectives. Identifying factors associated with cognitive limitations among older adults has become a major public health objective. Given the importance of marital relationships for older adults’ health, this study examines the association between marital quality and change in cognitive limitations in late life, directionality of the relationship between marital quality and cognitive limitations, and […]

Giving Alzheimer’s Patients Their Way, Even Chocolate

Margaret Nance was, to put it mildly, a difficult case. Agitated, combative, often reluctant to eat, she would hit staff members and fellow residents at nursing homes, several of which kicked her out. But when Beatitudes nursing home agreed to an urgent plea to accept her, all that changed. Disregarding typical nursing-home rules, Beatitudes allowed […]