Financial Services Industry Strikes Back on New Retirement Advice Rules

The financial services industry, the U.S. Chamber Of Commerce and other Wall Street-affiliated groups have filed a legal challenge to the U.S. Department of Labor’s new rule on retirement advice, the groups said on Thursday. The lawsuit, filed late Wednesday at the U.S. District Court in Dallas, challenges the fiduciary standard rule that requires financial […]

Why Obama Turned Left on Social Security

In a speech this week in Indiana, President Barack Obama announced a major shift in his position on Social Security. “It’s time we finally made Social Security more generous and increased its benefits,” Obama declared, “so today’s retirees and future generations get the dignified retirement that they have earned.” This is a welcome change from […]

Long-term care expert: Walker’s Family Care proposals are ‘in search of a solution where there is no problem’

A national expert on long-term care systems is questioning Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed changes to the state’s Family Care program, which provides services to the elderly, frail and disabled. Walker’s 2015-17 budget proposes expanding the long-term care program statewide and having the organizations overseeing it operate as insurance companies. The proposal would also focus Family […]