Round Up No Suspects: The Bio Telemetry Settlement Demonstrates the Continuing Impunity of Health Care Organizational (and Other) Leaders

The march of legal settlements by important health care organizations continues, although now producing barely an additional ripple on top of the white-capped covered ocean of news and commentary roiled by the recent US election. However, even the latest small settlement is a reminder of all the problems that continue under the surface. (And I […]

Rule Change Could Push Hospitals To Tell Patients About Nursing Home Quality

Hospitals have long been reluctant to share with patients their assessments of which nursing homes are best because of a Medicare requirement that patients’ choices can’t be restricted. For years, many hospitals simply have given patients a list of all the skilled nursing facilities near where they live and told them which ones have room […]

One Expert Says Seniors Would Lose with Ryan’s Medicare Plan

The Republicans’ pledge to dismantle and eventually replace the Affordable Care Act has been getting considerable attention in the wake of President-elect Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton. But once the new GOP-controlled Congress takes action in January, there could be plenty more fireworks when Republican leaders turn their attention to Medicare, the popular but […]

The Impact of Public Investment in Social Care Services on Employment, Gender Equality, and Poverty: The Turkish Case

The social care service sector (i.e., care services for children, the elderly, the disabled, and the sick) remains an underdeveloped sector in Turkey. In terms of early childhood care and preschool education (ECCPE), an important subsector of social care, Turkey has the lowest rate of provisioning by a large margin among Organisation for Economic Co- […]